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Home Loans and Mortgages and mortgage loans made easy. Easy fast online application, you can be approved in 24 hours, even with bad credit. Home Equity Loans also available.

ADDIE MAE is a full service Mortgage Company that specializes in providing Solutions to your specific homeloan needs and problems. Years of mortgage experience have provided an unparalleled ability to provide mortgage solutions and approve  homeloans that have been turned down by other lenders or for our clients that have been told they could not purchase a new home due to credit problems, high ratios, bankruptcy, bad credit or other problems. 

Regardless if you are:

  • A first time home Buyer

  • Present homeowner needing to refinance

  • Stable with flawless credit

  • Have credit issues or other financial problems

  • Need a loan for your special circumstances

ADDIE MAE can Help you in obtaining a    NEW MORTGAGE at competitive rates.

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